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Jul 24 '14

Monster High reveals. That flower on Rochelle’s head is very big and looks very hard.

Jul 21 '14
For Let’s Draw Some Dresses! Theme was the 1950’s.

For Let’s Draw Some Dresses! Theme was the 1950’s.

Jul 18 '14

Hey guys! I heard about this contest to design a poster inspired by Lana Del Rey’s new album and thought I would try it out. 

I would be super grateful to anyone who would go vote for it here, and you can also check out the other entries, there are some great ones. 

Jul 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

Your sailor moon illustrations are beautiful but why does NO ONE ever draw Saturn Neptune Uranus and Pluto??? My favorite character is sailor Saturn and all these adorable illustrations always leave them out and it makes me so sad

I’ve always thought there is a lot of Uranus and Neptune fanart actually, since they’re really popular. I’m sure if you checked their tags on tumblr you’d find tons of art of them.

But I didn’t leave out them out purposely, I wanted to do them in sets and it made more sense to me to do the inner senshi first. It’s taken me a while to do just the ones I have so far, about a month between each one, so it isn’t that they aren’t going to be included just that I haven’t gotten to them yet. 

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Jul 15 '14

Finished this today.

Jul 14 '14

docholligay asked:

On the note of how wonderful your vintage sailor moon drawings are (SO AMAZING), any plans to do the Outers and round out the set? Because if so, I'm buying the whole set for my dressing room. You're amazing.

I would like to, but right now I don’t think I’d be able to get to them until sometime further down the road. I would like to focus on some other stuff for the next little bit, but it’s definitely something I want to do. So there is a good chance they’ll show up eventually, but not for a while. Sorry about that! I know the set seems a little incomplete without them.

Also thank you! Everyone has been so kind and I’m so happy people are enjoying them.

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Jul 12 '14
Sketchbook stuff.

Sketchbook stuff.

Jul 12 '14

Anonymous asked:

Ok you probably get a lot of messages about it, but I just have to say your vintage sailor moon drawings are incredible! I don't think I've ever seen anyone make anything look that convincingly genuinely vintage it's so REAL LOOKING gosh, well done!

I’m actually so glad to hear that, because when I was doing the first one I had a hard time deciding how I was going to go about it. Since I was basing them off Barbie illustrations I couldn’t decide if I should make them all the same height and change their outfits to make them look more authentic, or to try to keep some variation between them and not change their clothes a lot to stay closer to the character. So I’m really happy that they still look believable in a way, I guess staring at vintage illustration all the time came in handy!

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Jul 10 '14

A confused witch and her positive but not so helpful magic mirror.

Jul 9 '14

whateveriwannapost asked:

The Vintage Senshi prints are amazing. I want them as tattoos!

Hahaha, you’re the second person to say that!